We Can Finally Get Our Hands On The New And Improved YSL Vinyl Lip Cream!

We know YSL has a very high status in the makeup world especially their fan favourite Touche Eclat and their black opium for women fragrance, but we’re super stoked on the reincarnation of their Vernis À Lèvres Vynil Creams which are available in their first standalone Malaysian store at Level 3, Pavilion KL.

Powered by its unique “Lifeproof Colour Emulsion” you can get that luminous and lasting colour for that plump kissable lips effect. You don’t have to worry about it fading away cos it’s a long-lasting stain, that not only provide high-shine gloss and intense lip colour but you can wear it for up to ten hours sans any stickiness or oiliness. Perfect pout lips all day long!

Primary Colour VERNIS À LÈVRES shades in Blue, Magenta and Yellow

The new 2017 revamped Vernis À Lèvres liquid lipsticks feature a new shocking primary colour edition in the shades of Magenta, Blue and Yellow. Also in the mix, YSL introduces 4 new shades of the Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water in stunning aquatic hues, 5 fresh shades of the classic Vernis À Lèvres and 4 seductive takes on the Vernis À Lèvres vinyl creme!

Here we’ve picked out five of our favourite hues we’re planning to get after pay day!



Vernis À Lèvres in Rouge Lacque

Vernis À Lèvres  in Orange Graffiti

Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water in Orange Mist

Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water in Fuschia Drops

Vernis À Lèvres Vynil Lipstick in Psychedellic  Chili

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