Calling All Beauty Buffs!

The greatest thinkers believe that the secret to happiness lies in helping others, so why not use the extra time you have now by joining the Lip & Co. Kind Beauty Tribe to empower others out there?

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to challenge and paralyse us in many ways, getting anxious and worried about it will only take a toll on your emotional and physical health. One of the best ways to manage stress is to focus on things that’s within your control and better still, partake in something that’d make you and others around you happy. So why not check out the Kind Beauty Tribe, an initiative that beauty company Lip & Co. started to create opportunities for people who share the same passion in beauty?

After successfully running many community-driven campaigns in the past (such as Cruelty Free Kisses – to create awareness towards the prevention of cruelty to stray animals and My Kind of Beauty to raise awareness on mental health and the power of kindness to deal with this issue), this new drive aims to not only empower but to also create a positive community and help beauty buffs out there earn some extra money using the skills and passion that they have in them.

Under this initiative, Lip & Co. will be opening its website to homegrown beauty start-up owners to use its existing facilities that will help them with their individual businesses. So if you’re a start-up owner of a beauty brand, then use this opportunity to enhance your business and collaborate and run cross-over promotions with Lip & Co.

If you’re just looking to find ways to earn some side income, then you can enroll yourself to become one of the brand’s dropship agents to educate, promote and sell Lip & Co. products and those from other partner brands as well without investing in an inventory. While it helps you to earn extra money, you’ll be helping others find the right solution to solve their beauty woes too.

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to do this? Worry not as Lip & Co. will also be offering online support where beauty aficionados will be mentored by KOLs, influencers and celebrities! This can also be your chance to dig deeper into the roots of their success and gain first-hand knowledge on how they collaborate with brands and become successful.

For more information, check out Lip & Co.


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