Eyebrow Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty of Making

Want brows that complement your face? Then step away from the tweezers!

Photo: ingimage

Photo: ingimage

If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the brows must be the frame.  Unlike the trend of the ‘pinterest brow’, the year 2016 has seen fuller arches (thanks to Cara Delevinge and Lily Collins) and is here to stay! Knowing how to use the proper tools and products are the key to having natural-looking brows that complement your face shape. Here, we’ve got some common brow-grooming mishaps that you should avoid (at all costs!).

  • Matching your eyebrows to your hair

As logical as it may sound, it’s actually a misconception. Why?  Using a dark pencil to fill in those sparse areas will cause it to look bolder than it is and going too light will have no effect. Not to mention for those with coloured hair – auburn brows was never a trend. The solution: opt for a shade or two lighter than you actual hair colour but for blondes – go for a shade or two darker for a natural look.

  • Filling in from the front

Most women only need help on the second half of the brow, but most of us (if not, all) are guilty of filling the front of the brow first then we’re left with brows that makes us look angry. To combat this, start at the middle to give definition, work your way inwards and then outwards while easing up on the pressure for a natural look.

  • Skipping on brow gel

If you’re one of those who think brow gels are an unnecessary step, we hear ya! But setting your brows helps keep unruly hair in place. You wouldn’t want your hard work to be undone throughout the day.

  • Applying skincare products to your arches

You might be questioning this statement because you’re thinking ‘skincare is suppose to be good’.  Look at it this way, you wouldn’t apply face cream on your scalp right? No way! It’s similar with brows. Slathering on lotions, sunscreen, moisturisers and foundation can seep into the brows and block the pores, preventing growth which leads to hair fall. No one likes an ‘eyebrow-less’ look.

With these tips, you’ll have fuller-looking brows in no time!