This Could Be The Best Mascara For Short Straight Asian Lashes

There’s a  very good reason why people on the Internet are going crazy for it.

If you’re of East Asian descent like me, you’re probably faced with the same problem as I am: short, sparse, stick-straight lashes.

Not that there’s nothing wrong with lashes like mine– I even think they’re cute sometimes! But at other times, I can’t help but feel a little envious of my more lash-blessed friends– something about long lashes makes them look instantly dressed up without even trying!

Of course, there are plenty of options if you’d like to add a little more oomph to your lashes: lash perms and extensions are now almost as easily available as facials! But for a cheaper, easier, and less permanent option, I present to you my favourite mascara. Ever.

It’s the Japanese-made Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara by Kiss Me! At only RM51.90, it’s honestly the best mascara I’ve ever used. I’m not kidding, this mascara changed my life. There’s a reason why it’s won the #1 spot on Japan’s most definitive cosmetics ranking award, @Cosme, in 2014.

Because it does exactly what it claims to– makes your lashes long and curled no matter how short or stick-straight they are. This is because it’s a tubing mascara, which means it coats your lashes with lengthening 5mm-long fibers. And it’s super waterproof, so those lovely fibers stay put on me all day without drooping or smudging. I find that it works especially well if you curl your lashes beforehand.

Just check out what it can do:


Photo: Colorcrush


Photo: FortunaFish/Reddit

It even stays on “through hiking in 35°C Costa Rican weather, swimming and jumping in 2 waterfalls, horseback riding, crying because of dust in my eyes, taking a mud bath, going in a sauna, bathing in hot springs, and napping for two hours,” according to this Reddit user. After all that, her lashes looked like this:

Photo: Dgafkt/Reddit

After seeing that, I bought it straight away. I haven’t been disappointed since!