The Best Hot Weather Scents That’ll Keep You Feeling Cool And Smelling Good

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In Malaysia, it’s summer all year round, and just like you’d dress for the heat, your choice of scent will also be dictated by the climate around you. Dousing yourself in sticky, syrupy-sweet perfumes while it’s hot outside doesn’t sound like the most enticing thing. Neither would you want a dark, hot, woodsy spice-filled fragrance smouldering around you in this muggy heat.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside in our climate, you’re going to want a fragrance that’s light and bright, as crisp and cool as a tall iced glass of your favourite sparkling cocktail.

Think green, think fresh, and think bright with notes like citrus, aquatic, and tea! Sounds tantalising already, doesn’t it? Here are our go-to hot weather fragrances that’ll make you love Malaysia’s eternal summer.


Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa Eau de Toilette Spray, RM264

Matcha and citrus cocktail fans, be prepared to take your love for them to a new level. Elizabeth Arden’s bubbly scent is a garden of surprise and delight with notes of sparkling citrus and green tea – perfect for our humid weather!

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