Beauty Habits To Learn From Asian Celebrities

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Sure, these Asian a-listers always look stunning on the red carpet, but what are their beauty habits behind the scenes? It’s time to find out.

With all eyes on them, celebrities are under constant pressure to look fabulous. Needless to say, they also work with the best professionals when it comes to makeup artists, hair stylists and fitness instructors to help them look their best, which explains why they are often privy to the best beauty secrets and tips. Here, we round up the top 10 beauty habits our favourite Asian celebrities practice.

Song Hye Kyo

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Stick To A Good Skin-Prep Essence

As a busy celebrity at the top of her game, Song Hye Kyo is usually either filming or on set for photoshoots, which causes her skin to become dry after long hours of being exposed to harsh studio lighting. To care for her skin, the face of Sulwhasoo preps her skin everyday with Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX.

Treat Your Skin To A Rich Mask When Travelling 

Constant travelling can take a toll on the Korean beauty’s skin, which she manages by making sure that she’s always well-stocked with Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask, which she uses everyday as a pampering treat for her skin.

Keep Yourself Motivated With Fitness 

Adopting a holistic approach towards beauty, Song Hye Kyo is placing more emphasis on her wellness and health as she becomes older. She does so by exercising frequently, and keeps herself motivated by mixing things up with yoga and cardio.

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