BEAUTY FAVES: Is This The Easiest Smokey Eye Makeup Ever?

At first glance, a smokey eye makeup looks very intimidating to attempt as it looks like it has different shades of brown mixed in with black to create that depth. Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty YouTuber, Eman has a very easy way for everyone to achieve this sultry look using only one shade of eyeshadow. Eman uses the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Colour in Naked Bronze but you can use any similar shade – try out Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in Dark Glint.

1. To start, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip in the eyeshadow pot. If your eyeshadow is pigmented you don’t have to put a lot as you can always build it up later on.

2. Apply the colour focusing mostly on the lids and up to the crease. Tip! When there’s not much product left on the brush, Eman suggests to really blend the colours ‘up and out’ above the crease area to create soft edges.

3. If you want it to be even darker, just go in again with more product.

4. To clean up the shape and any harsh lines that you might’ve missed, take a clean eyeshadow brush and sweep through the edges.

5. Then go back in and do your lower lashlines to really achieve that smokey eye look.

6. Make your eyes pop by lining your waterlines with a brown eye pencil.

7. Finish it off with a two to three coats of mascara to create that voluminous effect…or eyelash extensions works as well.

Bonus! If you want something extra, take a gold shimmer eyeshadow and just add a tiny dab of colour on to the inner corners of your eyes.

Watch Eman’s full tutorial below!

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