How the Beauty Editor Fakes a Well-Rested Look | FEMALE Beauty Awards 2018

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Years of researching trends and testing out beauty products have taught Beauty Editor Sarah Hani a thing or two (or a thousand!) about what a good product should be. She is constantly amazed by how the beauty industry is evolving and hopes to spend her whole career in it.

I’m constantly on duty. If it’s not working nine to seven at the office, then it’s Mummy time after work where I read to, play with, feed and put to sleep my 1-year-old son who’s getting cheekier by the day. Salute to all you mothers out there who have more than one kid!

So, to say that I am tired is an understatement. I’m exhausted. In fact, too exhausted for a proper skincare routine. Yet, I still have to get up early and show up for work every day and look good while I’m at it (cos who’s gonna take a Beauty Editor who looks like a zombie seriously?!).

Thankfully, there are some ah-may-zing products out there that’ll help me look as if I’ve gotten enough rest and here are my picks.

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