Ask FEMALE: Should I Stop Wearing Makeup?

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, then why should you? Don’t give up yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Writer has got your back!

Photo: Unsplash

Q: “I LOVE wearing makeup but my skin gets really dry sometimes to the point where I see patches of skin here and there on my face. Should I really stop wearing it? I don’t want to.” – Adila Syahira, 24, Receptionist

A: Makeup artist Ummi Nasir says, “You shouldn’t have to stop wearing makeup if that makes you feel good. Just look for better product picks. Too much makeup layers will make it hard for your skin to breathe so consider sing a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation. It’s lighter but will give you the right amount of coverage, assuming that you don’t have any major skin issues.”

If you’re a fan of gel textures like I am, give this one a try. Its skincare-inspired formula is made with mineral water from the pure mountain springs of Kirishima Japan so it’s lightweight, contains no oils, fragrances, parabens and is super-gentle on your skin. You’ll get instant hydration for up to four hours and coverage for up to eight. Sounds like a winner, no?


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From the print edition. Original text by Sarah Hani Jamil.