Ask FEMALE: How To Set Makeup Without Losing Your Glow

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, then why should you? Don’t give up yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Writer has got your back! Here’s how to keep a glow that lasts all day.

Q: “In a humid climate like ours, powdering is the only way I can keep my makeup on longer but that also means it’ll mattify the skin. How do i keep the glow but prevent makeup from slipping throughout the day?” – Priya Krishnan, Human resource executive, 27

A: It’s not impossible to maintain dewiness and make your makeup last but you’d have to choose the right product and strategically powder it on the face. This glow powder is the latest gem from the best-selling Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder range. It’s a finely-milled powder with a custom blend of pearl pigments that sets your makeup while giving you a slight glow without any photo flashback. Keong Mei Ling, Assistant Training Manager of Laura Mercier, demonstrated a technique called ‘set up’ where you apply the powder on the temples, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow to seal the liquid and reflect light for a soft glow.


From the print edition.