Ask FEMALE: How To Keep Skin Hydrated Up To 24 Hours?

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, then why should you? Don’t give up yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Writer has got your back!

Photography: Imaxtree

Q: “I’m looking for moisture-boosting skincare. While most moisturisers I’ve tried make my skin supple and my foundation look flawless, my happiness only lasts for a few hours. What ingredients should I be looking for?” – Adila Syahira, 24, Receptionist

A: Hydration is something most people struggle with, including yours truly! To begin, I would suggest changing your skincare regimen to a hydration-focused one, starting from cleansing to ensure your complexion is supple thoroughly. Then introduce a serum with hyaluronic acid like this one that intensely hydrates up to 24 hours!

If you need some time more, this formula has porphyridium and angelica leaf extract, which are algae that have water-retention properties to protect your skin from hydration. Lev Glazman, the co-founder of Fresh says, “This serum is infused with real roses, which I call ‘nature’s wonder’ that intensely hydrates and boosts the benefits of your entire skincare ritual with soothing rosewater, nourishing rose oil and essential oil concentrated for a heightened sensorial experience.”

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum, RM274


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From the print edition. Original text by Ilicia Alias.