Ask FEMALE: How To Add Vitamin C To Your Skincare Routine

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, then why should you? Don’t give up yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Writer has got your back!

Q: “It’s cool how my BFF’s Vitamin C serum has brought her this new-found glow and now I’m curious to try one out for myself. As a newbie to this beauty add-on, what would you suggest I look out for?” – Balkis Ahmad, Product buyer

A: You may have heard how some Vitamin C products could leave your skin feeling slightly tingly. While this is common, great formulations should never lead to irritation or inflammation. Don’t give in to flaking on your way to luminosity; like other beauty gems, the texture of your vitamin-infused product must feel comfy on your skin.

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Also, when it comes to Vitamin C, a product’s efficacy depends on how stable this potent ingredient is, so the better its stability level, the further it promotes an even skin tone with dedicated use. Try Omorovicza’s Daily Vitamin C serum, because not only is its sodium ascorbyl phosphate content (or three per cent Vitamin C) highly stable, it also retains moisture like a charm while protecting your skin from photo-ageing!


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From the print edition. Original text by Nabila Azlan.