Why You Need Actives In A Skincare Routine

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Up your skincare game with these ingredients that will add glow, even out texture, and prevent pimples. For real.

Maybe you’ve got the cleanser-toner-moisturiser trifecta down pat. These basics form the foundation for healthy skin. Ready for the next step? Try ‘actives’, products that work by utilising the action of ingredients scientifically-proven to have a noticeable impact on your skin. While some actives like retinoids and tretinoin require a prescription from a dermatologist, more and more skincare brands are making dedicated active products that anyone can use.

Here are our favourites.


Vitamin C Serum

Oranges are a source of Vitamin C.

Use this if: You’re worried about dull skin, scars, and wrinkles.

Vitamin C has an impressive body of scientific research backing its skin benefits. As an antioxidant, it buffs your skin’s ability to protect against UV damage, while also inhibiting melanin production and increasing collagen synthesis. What does this mean for your skin? Wrinkles are diminished, scars and dark spots fade, and your overall skin tone is refined and glowy. Sounds great, right? But, as you may have learnt from the many superhero movies, with power comes instability.

To be effective, Vitamin C requires a very specific set of conditions – namely, a low pH and the right formulation. Try a dedicated Vitamin C serum like the C20 Original Pure Vitamin C Serum to ensure you’re making the most of its benefits. 

How to use Vitamin C: Apply onto a clean face at night, after cleansing. It needs 15-20 minutes to work, after which you can wipe it off with toner and continue with your routine.

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