All-Natural Indian Beauty Secrets You Need to Know!

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1. Coconut oil


For head to toe, this natural oil is proven to work wonders. Rich in nutrients, coconut oil feels deliciously soft on the skin. It is light in consistency and is easily absorbed by your skin. Organic coconut oil does have a very strong candy-like scent that  might remind you of your favourite kuih, but don’t be put off by it as it fades quickly once absorbed.

To use as a deep conditioning  treatment, warm it in your hands and massage it on your scalp and from roots to end. This will add moisture to a dry scalp and promote hair growth. Leave on for one or two hours and wash. If your skin is dry, just slather it on problem areas like moisturiser. A great treatment for dry feet or heels is to put on a layer of oil, slip on some socks, and sleep in it for softer feet overnight.

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