Meet The Brands That Want To Make Taiwanese Beauty Big In Malaysia

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How much do you know about Taiwanese beauty?

Next to Korean and Japanese beauty, and you might find that you may not know that much about Taiwanese beauty.

Enter the Taiwanese Beauty Alliance, a team of 12 of Taiwan’s most distinguished and well-known beauty brands put together in 2016 by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council with one mission: to bring Taiwanese beauty to the world. These homegrown Taiwanese beauty brands pride themselves on using advanced technologies in medicine and biotechnology to manufacture effective, environmentally-friendly, and safe cosmetic products. Their focus on technology and science to back up their beauty claims and benefits is something I can really get behind!

The Alliance was recently in Kuala Lumpur for the annual Taiwan Expo, and I got a chance to hear from each of the 12 brands. Here they are:

1. Arwin

With a mission to “beautify women throughout from head to toe and from inside out”, Arwin has been making rose-infused beauty products since 1982. All the roses used in their products are harvested from their very own rose garden, which also happens to be the largest rose garden in Taiwan and has become a tourist attraction all on its own! Arwin’s Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essence, a hydrating essence infused with rose extract and gold flakes, and Multipurpose 3-in-1 Cleansing Mousse are their best-sellers.

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