Malaysians Who Look Just Like Asian Celebrities

Believe it or not: These Malaysians look uncannily alike our favourite top Asian celebrities.

Have you ever passed someone on the street only to think they look like someone you’ve seen on TV? The opposite could be true where you watch a local celebrity on screen and think: “Hey, he/she looks like an actress in another movie.” Let’s take a look at some local faces who look like some very famous Asian celebrities (aah, we could all be so lucky!). In fact, you’ll be surprised to discover some of these Asian celeb lookalikes are pretty famous right here in Malaysia ;).


Asian celebrities Lee Da Hae and Amy Mastura

Source: Srikandimalaya

Besides sharing similar bold features and alluring stage presence, Song Ji Hyo and Nora Danish are also brand ambassadors for top beauty companies. You would have seen Ji Hyo’s face on Korean brand Banila Co.’s ads, while Nora has been the brand ambassador for Safi Rania Gold since 2015.

Source: Srikandimalaya

Songbirds Jessica Jung of SNSD and Shila Amzah couldn’t be more different with their contrasting musical styles. However, both of them share similar thin lips and heart-shaped faces which caught the attention of eagle-eyed Netizens.

Source: Srikandimalaya

Multilingual Lee Da Hae is the first Korean actress to speak in Mandarin for her role in the Chinese version of Jewel in the Palace. Amy, meanwhile, is the first Malay ambassador for Japanese brand Kose in Malaysia. We feel they got paired together because of their similar face shapes and smiles.

Source: Srikandimalaya

For these two, the resemblance is all in the smile and the shape of their lips. Lee Si Young is most famous for her role as the spoilt yet lovable Oh Min Ji in the hit series Boys Over Flowers. Both actresses have been acting since the early 2000s.

Source: Srikandimalaya

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They couldn’t have started their careers more differently: Lee Hyori was part of the hit girl group, Fin.K.L. Hannah Tan was a computer science graduate who had survived on her own since the tender age of 17. However, both have had successful careers in entertainment. Hyori went on to act in various K-Dramas while Hannah scored a stint as ambassador for Animax Asia. We can’t say the two look amazingly alike, but there’s some resemblance in their alluring gaze and friendly, feminine features.

Source: Srikandimalaya

The following non-celebrities shot to fame because of their striking resemblance to their celebrity idol. Rabiatul Afifah was a Universiti Sains Malaysia student whose pictures circulated the Internet because she looked so much like Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. We agree. The resemblance is indeed uncanny.

Source: Srikandimalaya

Remy Ishak and his doppelganger.


Source of Remy Ishak’s pic: Utusan Malaysia

We see double (if we squint really hard) with Zizan Yusuff and his lookalike fan.


Source of Zizan Yusuff’s pic:OhMediaNetwork

Not exactly alike, but the guy on the right does bear some resemblance to Adi Putra.

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