Korea’s Hottest Makeup Look Of 2018 Is Not What You Think

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There’s a change in the air coming to the beauty world.

Remember the ultra-dewy, smooth-as-glass skin that’s been the rage in Korea and the rest of the world all this while? That’s so last year, according to Korean beauty experts.

The new look for 2018 is this: semi-matte makeup.

What exactly is that, you ask? It’s not a completely flat matte canvas, but neither is it the super-strobed, almost-wet glowiness– it’s something in between. The look is defined by skin that’s free of shine from external products like dewy skincare or highlighter, but is still radiant with its own health, explains celebrity makeup artist Park Tae Yun of gesgep and previously Son & Park

park tae yun

Park Tae Yun in Kuala Lumpur!

Speaking at the launch of the new Laneige Layering Cover Cushion at the Laneige Global Media Conference in Kuala Lumpur last week, Tae Yun described his favourite look: what he calls the “Real Perfect Makeup Look”, which is a very clean look and – you guessed it – features a perfectly semi-matte complexion. Coming from the guy who pretty much created the looks we identify with K-beauty now, I knew I had to sit up and listen!

Natural-looking but perfected skin, regardless of the finish, has always been and will continue to be the ideal in Korea. The key to achieving this flawless yet seamless finish, says Tae Yun, is to use a small amount of high-coverage foundation rather than thick layers of product. Swipe on to see how he got the look.

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