Check Out These 12 Asian Hairstyles To Try in 2017

These are the Asian hairstyles that are being adopted by women in trend-loving Japan and Korea faster than you can say, “Kawaii”.

We love many things about these Asian hairstyles: The fact that they suit most face shapes, are easy to care for and style (well, in most cases :) ) and are really pretty to look at. But best of all, we love that they’re super versatile, can be worn many ways and are suited for all occasions and for women of all age groups.

Let’s take a look at these Asian styles…We’re reserving No. 4 to try out after CNY  :)


Feminine Layered Bob

This layered bob brings adorable bedhead to a new level. Think Meg Ryan with an Asian twist!

Shaggy Short Cop

This shaggy, short yet feminine crop will perfectly frame your face if you have high cheekbones and an oval face.

Long layered Short Cut

Slightly more forgiving than the shaggy crop this short cut with longer layers will give you that unstyled style that’s so popular this year.

Sideswept Bob

This versatile style is so easy to wear and perfect for any occasion. It suits most face shapes, hair types and hair colours. Our fave :) !

The Mid-length Shag

Think Rachel of Friends, the Asian version! This is another very flattering style that will suit most face shapes and hair types. Highlighting your hair will bring out the layers in this style.

The Boyish Cut

This super cute boyish style suits women with more defined chins and longer faces. While this won’t suit everyone, it’s super cute, nonetheless and worth trying if you’re after something different. After all, androgyny is ‘in’ this season.

Long and Sleek

The epitome of how Asian hair should be (Oh, how we generalise :) ) but with a blonde twist. This look is defined by its sleek finish and clean blunt cut ends on the bangs. Definitely a striking look to try out and high maintenance, but if you’re willing to invest the time and the money, why not?

Ombre Waves

This pretty, ethreal style will transport you to Neverland as soon as you can utter “Lavender Dreams”. You will need time (and money) to maintain this but it’s worth it since you’ll be in trend. Bleach Salon London co-founder Alex Brownsell announces that curls will be big this year.

The Bardot Fringe

These bangs have been sported on the likes of Chloe Moretz, Alexa Chung and Penelope Cruz. Jamie Stevens who’s the owner of Jamie Stevens Hair advises that it’s important to find the right length of fringe for your face shape. Consult your hairstylist if in doubt.

The Pretty Pony

Jamie Stevens, hair stylist to celebs like Kylie Minogue and Elle MacPherson predicts the return of the ponytail this year. It’s a great style to try for anyone with long hair. For a different take, release a small section of hair from your ponytail, tie the rest with an elastic band and wrap the remaining hair around it. Secure with a bobby pin

The No Haircut Hair Cut 

The ultimate no brainer, low maintenance style! Believe or not, people have been known to spend hundreds to achieve this level of imperfection, said hairstylist Alex Brownsell in an interview recently. “Do what’s natural and stop worrying,” he advised.

The Modern Bob

British hairdresser of the Year Darren Ambrose predicted the return of the bob which would be reinvented this time around with longer sides and a shorter back. Keira Knightley was seen sporting  this wearable style with an updated take

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