12 Taiwanese Beauty Brands You’re Going To Be Seeing Everywhere

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5. PureArt, by Ching Seng Tong Cosmetics

Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of Taiwanese beauty, Ching Seng Tong has a long illustrious history of manufacturing cosmetics, and now they’ve decided to put their years of experience towards making their own brand of skincare and cosmetics: PureArt. The family-owned brand started in 1954 as a certified cosmetics and machinery manufacturer, servicing brands around the world.

PureArt is their own offering founded 3 years ago, and specialises in using local agricultural products from their scenic hometown of Chiayi county such as banana flowers, tuberose and orchid extracts.  The brand’s love for their hometown is obvious  not just in the use of their local produce, but their green manufacturing processes. One of their most popular products is the Mini Lipstick, an adorable tiny lipstick no longer than my thumb, inspired by the miniature lipstick samples Shiseido used to give out in the 50’s!


Website: www.cst-pureart.com
Available in Malaysia:
FB: @pureart.tw

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