12 Taiwanese Beauty Brands You’re Going To Be Seeing Everywhere

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4. Mirae, by Shiny Brands

When you walk in to Shiny Brands’ office, the first thing that greets you is a larger-than-life sized Iron Man statue, proudly wearing a sheet mask – which tells you already what you need to know about what Shiny specialises in: sheet masks! One of their proudest innovations is the solid black SexyLook range, afi. Beyond that, Shiny has a number of popular mask brands under their belt.

One that caught our eye there was their Mirae line. Who could resist a range with a tagline like “Beautiful skin, without the effort”? And they really mean it. Mirae’s goal is to make skincare as easy and effortless as possible, and their range of 8-minute masks and minimalist,  no-fuss skincare do exactly that. While the 8-minute masks are a true blessing if you’re in a rush to get through your routine, you can also turn your masking experience into a true indulgence with their specially formulated aromatherapy masks.


Website: www.miraebeauty.com
Available in Malaysia:
Yes – Hermo
FB: @miraebeautiful | IG: @mirae.beauty

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