10 Steps to Straight Hair The Heatless Way

If you can get curls without using any heat, you can bet that there are heatless ways to straighten the hair too. Read on to find out how.

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I have naturally wavy-to-curly hair, and sometimes, I like to switch up my waves for the sleeker option. For this, I’d go straight to my heat straightener or blow-dryer on medium-to-high heat. But of course, the damage that comes with it is a total nightmare! Dry, brittle and coarse strands will eventually appear, and it doesn’t help that having curly hair means that it’s already naturally on the drier side. That’s why I am beyond overjoyed with this alternative way to achieve straight hair sans the heat as shown by Youtube Beauty Guru, Alexandra Beth, from AlexandrasGirlyTalk. Here’s the breakdown in 10 easy steps.

Photography: Pinterest

Just a disclaimer, this won’t actually make you have pin-straight hair (cos that’s impossible without the heat). However, this works if you’re looking for a straight do with a bit of volume. Keep scrolling to know how.

What you’ll need:

  • Loads of Bobby pins
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • A scarf or a hair net
  • A paddle comb or Tanggle Teezer
  • Hair oil


Step 1: Start by de-tangling your hair by brushing through all the knots.

Step 2: Give your hair a good wash with shampoo and conditioner.

Step 3: Squeeze excess water from the hair. You can also use a towel to just pat the excess water.

Step 4: Start the process by straightening the roots. Pull your hair back in a ponytail and comb through the roots with a fine tooth comb, making sure it’s really tight and smoothed out, which means no visible flyaways. Wear it for an hour.

1 hour later…

Step 5: Let your hair down and part your hair in your preferred parting. Comb through one more time to make sure there are no tangles.

Tip: Spritz your ends with water if it’s a bit dry after an hour.

Step 6: Take an inch-thick section of hair from the nape of your neck and comb it with the fine tooth comb. Now wrap that section around the head (near the crown area), creating a headband effect. Make sure to really pull the hair and comb it in that direction, to even it out.

Step 7: Secure it with two or three bobby pins depending on the length of your hair.

Step 8: Continue to do the same on the other side, so it’s in a left, right, left pattern. Do this for the whole head.

Step 9: When you’re done layering, wrap your head in a scarf and sleep on it. To get straight hair you’ll need a minimum of five hours to let it set, so it’s best to do it a day before to make sure it works.

Step 10: Take out all the bobby pins and see the awesome results. Comb your hair with a paddle brush, run through some hair oil and you’re good to go!

Check out Alexandra’s tutorial below for a better visualisation.


You can also try on this other method – we call it The Roll

Photography: amazonaws.com

Photography: amazonaws.com

What you’ll need:

  • Large rollers
  • Roller clips or Bobby pins
  • Hair spray

Step 1: Start with clean, washed hair.
Step 2: Whilst the hair is still wet (read: towel dry hair), roll sections of hair and pin them in place.
Step 3: Let your hair air-dry completely. Once it’s set, take out the rollers and comb to rid of any curls.
Step 4: Spray on some hair spray.

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Source: Stylecaster and Alexandra Beth

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