All The Masks You Need To Wake Up To Glowing, Gorgeous Skin!

Radiant, bright and moisturised skin is just a sleep away with Laneige’s newest technologies!

With our current lifestyle, we’re spending more hours staying up at night. And whether it’s to finish that last report or our favourite crime series, it means lesser time getting our important beauty sleep, which we absolutely need! Not only is it imperative for your body to recover but also for your skin to rest and repair overnight.

Through a research conducted by Laneige, it’s revealed that when we’re lacking in sleep or are deprived of it even for just one night, our moisture levels, texture, clarity and pores are highly affected, making our complexion look dry and dull. That’s where the brand’s range of sleeping masks come in. From face to lips, each mask is formulated with Laneige’s existing and latest moisture locking technologies such as Sleep-Tox™ Purification, Moisture Wrap™ and Sleepscent™. So before we delve into these masks, here’s what you need to know about these technologies:

Sleep-Tox™ Purification Technology

To achieve clearer and revitalised looking skin, the Sleep-Tox™ Purification technology restores and repairs skin damaged by harmful aggressors it’s exposed to every day. With Hunza Apricot and Evening Primrose extract packed into the formula, it activates the purification genes and adjusts the skin fatigue rate to boost detoxification and purification functions in optimum time.

Moisture Wrap™ Technology

To keep the moisture locked into your skin, a porous moisture film surrounds it thanks to the Moisture Wrap™ technology. Containing ingredients similar to the Sleep-Tox™ technology, it also infuses Hydro Ion mineral water, which altogether supplies moisture up to eight hours into the night.

Sleepscent™ Technology

What’s a sleeping mask without something to help you sleep? The Sleepscent™ technology helps to relax the mind with the help of a fragrance, exclusively patented for Laneige, while prolonging deep sleep stages and strengthening the skin’s regenerative abilities. You’ll smell calming scents from orange and rose extracts, sandalwood oil and Ylang Ylang too!

Now, let’s move on to the masks!


If you’re looking to detox, moisturise and brighten your skin while you sleep, Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask should do the trick! It infuses all three technologies in its formula so you know you’re getting the most out of it. Simply inhale the scent for about three seconds before applying and you’re off to a good night’s rest.

And if firming and lifting is your main concern, then try the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask. Accompanied with the Face-Fit Roller applicator, it contains the Sleep-Tight™ technology which includes two types of polymers to tighten, firm and provide moisture to the skin while returning it to its original shape.


Your eyes are the first features people see and when you’re deprived of sleep, it shows. Thankfully, Laneige’s Eye Sleeping Mask targets those pesky dark circles, fine lines and puffy skin with a special formula infusing all the new technologies including Vitamin P and the Sleep-Circular™ technology. The latter is a highly beneficial technology as it helps to strengthen the skin barrier and promote and increase blood circulation underneath the eyes preventing swell-ups and dull skin.

Eye Sleeping Mask, RM136


Using eight different types of berries rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, the Lip Sleeping Mask is a saviour for dry, chapped and lifeless-looking lips! Combining the Moisture Wrap™ technology with Berry Mix Complex™ the mask has a creamy balm-like texture that melts away dead, flaky skin while repairing and hydrating it throughout the night. The best part is it’s super-quick and easy to use. All you need to do is apply a thick layer using the spatula included and head to bed. In the morning, simply wipe the excess lip mask with a facial tissue or a cotton pad.

See the Sleeping Masks in action! Watch Kim You-Jung beauty routine just before she goes to bed.

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