All The Gimmicky Beauty Claims That You Need To Know

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Don’t be fooled by these common marketing tactics in the beauty industry, simply because they mean nothing at all.

There are new beauty releases every day, each of them promising the newest, cutting-edge technology or ingredient that can do wonders like reversing the signs of ageing. Or perhaps, you’re an ardent follower of the green/natural/organic beauty and go for products that are marketed to be harmless and non-allergenic.

However, more often than not, these beauty marketing claims are gimmicky and fall short of its promised efficacy. Here are the 10 you should look out for when you’re shopping for new beauty products.

1. “Free from Chemicals” or “Chemical-free”

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Perhaps one of the favourite catchphrases seen in clean beauty, this phrase works on the premise that chemicals are fundamentally bad for the skin. However, these brands often do not qualify what those harmful ingredients are or have sufficient scientific proof to back the claim. Also, think about this: water is a chemical too. Does this mean the product is made without water?

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