A Step By Step Guide To Nailing The Perfect Manicure At Home

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Every woman loves a fresh set of nicely done manicure but there are times when we simply can’t visit the nail salon. Whether it’s because of self-isolation or financial struggles, learning how to do a good manicure for yourself will serve as a useful life skill for the long run. Besides that, painting your own nails can have therapeutic benefits too.

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While we may have years of experience painting our own nails, we can all agree that there are still some parts of it that stumble us over. For instance, many of us still find it difficult to master the art of nail shaping and painting steadily with our left hand. That being said, it isn’t impossible to achieve the perfect manicure by yourself with some practices and tips.

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps to guide you through the process of achieving a glossy set of nails at home.

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