This Is The 9-Step Skincare Routine That Gives Me Glowing Skin Every Morning

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While good skin may be in your genes, it also takes a lot of dedication and discipline.

Two things stand in the way of the clear, dewy glowing skin of my dreams: dryness and an irritating tendency of my skin to scar – every pimple I get leaves behind a dark hyperpigmented mark. With that in mind, my entire skincare routine is tailored towards fading discolouration while keeping the rest of my face hydrated and happy. After all, hydrated skin glows!

1. Cleanser: Tosoowong Powder Enzyme Wash

This cleanser comes in powder form, exactly like laundry detergent! But it’s nothing like detergent– it gently washes without stripping, leaving my skin super clean and soft. It’s full of fruit enzymes which exfoliates skin just the right amount.

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