7 Unbelievably Convenient Japanese Beauty Products For Lazy (Or Busy) Girls

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If you’re the sort who values those precious few minutes of extra sleep over getting ready, then take it from Rocketnews24 who polled Japanese netizens for their best “lazy cosmetics”– the speediest, most convenient, and best multi-tasking beauty products!

Photo: BCL Company / Instagram

From hairsprays that speed up hair drying to overnight beauty-boosting skincare, these innovative (and effective!) Japanese products will save you time and effort in the mornings.

1. Mandom Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack

Enriched with rice milk extract, which is known to help condition and brighten the skin, this sleeping pack promises to restore “luxuriantly soft and smooth skin in the morning.” Which means less time spent prepping your skin in the morning or going without makeup entirely!

Twitter says:

“Lately I’ve been using Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack, and I highly recommend it. My skin feels so soft! I love touching my face in the morning because it’s soft and smooth, but not sticky.”

“The Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack is unexpectedly excellent – all you have to do is put it on after the rest of your skin care and go to sleep! My skin is soft and plump without being sticky. It’s really good!”

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