7 Malaysian Beauty Brands To Check Out

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Whether you’re looking for new cosmetics or skincare products, our local beauty scene has got the stash for you. Our homegrown beauty products have flourished to many brands catering to the Malaysian market needs from cosmetics suited for tan skin tones to halal and cruelty-free skincare and cosmetic range. The great thing about having good quality local beauty goods is that they create products to suit our weather, skin tones and lifestyle. Who better to know us than us, right? Here, we’ve round up some of our local faves for your next beauty fix.

1. CanCan’s Handmade

Photography: cancanshandmade.com

The brand is fairly new but we have no doubt they’ll grow bigger, what with offering cosmetics for tan to deep skin tones. They started off by making soaps, scrubs and lip balms but now they’re focusing on makeup like their velvet matte liquid lipsticks (for now). Their products are vegan-friendly with no parabens, no SLS, no silica and no mineral oils. Definitely, one to check out!


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