7 Habits Of Women With Gorgeous Skin

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It’s every woman’s dream to have clear and radiant skin, and it’s easy to start comparing yourself with those you see around you.

But while you’re admiring other women’s gorgeous complexions, remember that not all of them were born that way. Many women work hard for it and so can you! Here are 7 natural skincare habits you can follow to get your dream skin.

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1. Never sleep with makeup on

No matter how exhausted or sleepy you are after a long night, never go straight to bed without removing your makeup. Your skin does most of its healing while you’re asleep so it’s crucial to cleanse it from all the dirt, oil and makeup before you hit the hay. If you don’t do so, your pores will absorb all the grime which can lead to acne. Yuck! If you don’t want a dull complexion and clogged pores, remember to TAKE IT OFF.

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