7 Face Mists To Refresh Your Skin For A More Radiant Glow

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Skin moisturizers are a staple in skincare routines but when it comes to face mists, many still label them as unnecessary. Before you dismiss them as bottles of hydrating water, note that not all face mists are made simply as a convenient way to hydrate your skin.

Take a look at the face mist section in a beauty store and you’ll notice there are a wide variety of mists tackling various skin concerns you can think of – hydrating, calming, soothing, moisturizing, antioxidant and more.

Photo: Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

So how exactly do we fit a face mist into our skincare regimen?  

The most important thing to understand about face mists is that they’re not one-product-for-all. They’re formulated with different essential oils and other ingredients to achieve different skincare goals. Apart from giving our skin a boost of freshness, face mists can also be used in place of toner, to prime the face and as a makeup setting spray. While it’s not necessary to use a face mist every day, there’s no harm spritzing some of the goodness on your skin for an added beneficial effect.

Ready to shop for a face mist? Here are seven selections you can and should consider.

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