7 Celeb-Inspired Makeup And Hair For Date Nights

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It doesn’t matter if you’re happily taken or living the single life, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to doll up and show everybody the fresh and confident side of you.

And whether you’ve got big plans with your partner for a romantic date or a sexy all-girls-only night out in town, there’s always a charming celebrity-inspired look you can always turn to for beauty ideas!

From subtle tones to classic hairstyles, these celebrities show that it doesn’t take extravagant makeup styles and complicated hairdos to look elegant and sophisticated for the evening.

1. Victoria Beckham: Low Ponytail


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The queen of fashion and former Spice Girl member is truly her own best model. Her signature ultra-long and glossy brunette waves are undoubtedly #hairgoals for women who are looking for an elegant hairstyle. Instead of a fancy hairdo, go for this mature and classic look by wearing your hair in a low ponytail with loose sections to frame your face.

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