6 Makeup Items That Feel as Comfy as Pjs

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If you insist on wearing makeup while working from home, go for these products that are light and comfortable like your daily PJs. 

The current isolation period has undoubtedly brought out a different side of us. We’re in our PJs all day long, we’re not bothered by our disheveled hair and our eyebrows are a mess thanks to the long overdue appointment. But as much as we’re wildly comfortable in our old, broken tee, there are days when we still need to look presentable and professional for a virtual meeting with your bosses and colleagues.
While you’ll most likely question yourself if you really should put on some makeup, some would prefer to freshen up before appearing on camera. And here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your normal routine of applying makeup if doing so makes you feel empowered. If wearing makeup at home makes you feel comfortable and confident, then do it!
Whether you simply want to look polished for a big meeting or can’t give up on makeup just yet, consider using products with light formula. Staying at home all day means your skin is exposed to high humidity (unless you have the air conditioning turned on the whole day) and you don’t want to stress your skin with heavy makeup. Here are a few products that feels so comfortable on your skin, it’s as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

1. Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation, RM188 

The last thing you want is a full face of cake foundation that feels overly dense on the skin. This foundation is the perfect pick for a natural-looking coverage thanks to its water-gel consistency. It is formulated with 80 per cent water (so you know it’s definitely super lightweight) and contains pro-vitamin B5 to further hydrate and improve your skin’s elasticity while you look flawlessly beautiful. You may assume the product will melt after a couple of hours considering its thin formulation but it does stay put all day and feel as light as a feather.

Photography: Sephora.my

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