6 Golden Beauty Rules From Beauty With Tashy

It’s no secret that Natasha Afzal of Beauty With Tashy is big on the topic. Based in both Kuala Lumpur and Perth, Australia, the bombshell blogger and YouTube star is proud to present her six golden rules.

Rule #1

“Wash your face every single night – no excuses! If you’re too exhausted, keep a pack of makeup wipes on your bedside table. Using it alone may not be great for the skin, but it’s still a lot better than sleeping with makeup on.”

Rule #2

“Don’t skip moisturiser! I know those with oily skin tend to skip it to avoid getting even oilier, but in actual fact, moisturising skin helps reduce sebum production.”

Rule #3

“Wash your makeup brushes regularly, Used brushes have so much built-up bacteria, which can easily lead to breakouts. There are tons of removers in the market but good ol’ baby shampoo and water will do the trick!”

Rule #4

“Always apply primer before foundation. It creates an even canvas for flawless makeup application, increases the longevity of makeup, acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation – the list goes on! My favourites are from Hourglass.”

Rule #5

“For days when your hair’s a bit greasy but you don’t have time to for a full-blown wash, just rinse the crown of your head, blow-dry and you’re good to go!”

Rule #6

“If you find that using concealers over your dark circles makes no difference, try applying a small amount of a peach or orange-toned corrector first before going in with concealer. This helps cancel out the blue undertone of dark circles and brightens it up instead.”

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