6 Eyeshadow Sticks That Are Perfect On The Go

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Foundation, lipsticks, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner… There are many products that need to go into a woman’s makeup bag and it’s tough having to carry a load of items especially when you’re on the go. If there’s one product that had saved me lots of space in my makeup bag, it’s definitely eyeshadow sticks.

Photo: @nudestix

Think about having to travel with your conventional eyeshadow palette: it takes up quite some space in your makeup bag and you can’t forget to bring your handy brushes with you. With eyeshadow sticks, they’re inherently hassle-free and deliver flawless results.

Whether you need to complete your makeup in a car or add a bit of glam to your eyes before an event, you can simply blend out the formula and go. Need to tightline your waterline but forgotten to bring your pencil eyeliner? An eyeshadow stick will do trick!

These six eyeshadow sticks have great pigmentation and such long-lasting formulas that they might just revolutionise your makeup routine.

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