6 Deep Conditioners That You Need To Add Moisture To Your Dry Mane

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When it comes to hair care, many of us often overlook the fact that it’s more than just shampoo and conditioner for our manes to look healthy.

Just like our skin, hydration is key when it comes to healthy happy hair and keeping the frizz at bay.

You might be surprised that sticking to the average shampoo-and-conditioner routine is simply not enough as your hair needs extra moisture to stay strong and hydrated, especially if it’s been treated or coloured.

This is why it’s vital to include deep conditioning into your hair care routine to temporarily repair and nourish the hair shaft. Compared to normal hair conditioners, deep conditioners have higher viscosity to provide more nourishment and often contain oils that moisturise the hair.

Whether you have fine, dry or brittle hair, you should definitely consider using a deep conditioner every once in a while. We’ve picked six products can be really helpful in giving your strands a nicer shine for every hairtype!

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