6 Brown Eyeliners That’ll Create More Natural-Looking Depth For Your Eyes

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Take a look at anybody who’s wearing makeup and you’ll probably be drawn to their bold and deep-coloured black eyeliner. It’s no surprise to learn that many beauty gurus and makeup veterans swear by black eyeliner to accentuate their eyes since the colour contrasts against skin so well– which is also why black is the most common and go-to option for eyeliner.

Switching to another coloured eyeliner may seem like a daring move but we’re not suggesting to try out bright colours like purple or red (yet!).

Instead, try toning down the hue from black to brown, and you’ll realise that brown eyeliner has so much to offer to your overall look. Who knows, perhaps it’ll become your favourite colour over black eyeliner.

But why would anyone wear brown eyeliner when black looks absolutely slick, elegant and is mostly worn by makeup gurus?

Compare both colours on your lids and you’ll notice that brown offers all the greatness classic black has but with a more natural finish and results in eyes with more depth. Although both will create a similar definition for the eyes, brown has the ability to make your lashes look fluffier and fuller without being too obvious.

Whether you want to try out a winged eyeliner look or a smudged edge for a softer effect, we’ve rounded up a few brown eyeliners that’ll do the job well.

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