6 Best Ways To Safely Use Cosmetic Testers To Avoid Health Risks

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Heading to a beauty store later? Here’s a bit of advice: never swatch used products directly onto your eyes, lips, cheeks antd the whole shebang! Every day hundreds (maybe thousands) of patrons come in and out of beauty stores and we all know most people wouldn’t hesitate to try on that new lipstick on. Which means beware, because god knows what kind of bacteria and viruses could be transferred onto those innocent-looking testers on the shelves.

When you don’t use a clean tester product, you could be exposed exposed to various types of disease like diarrhea-causing E. Coli, eye infection and even herpes to mention a few. How do we avoid getting infected and at the same time be able to try out the products before buying them?

Here are some tips to help you out!

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