6 Asian Beauty Secrets to Get Gorgeous Skin

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Is there something we’re missing?

We always hear about how Asian celebs have such flawless skin and these days, more and more beauty products are starting to incorporate ingredients that have been traditionally known in Asia to promote beauty – like green tea, for example. There seems to be only one link to all of this: Asian. So we went and dug deeper to find out what other skincare secrets we could be missing out from our Asian peers and let’s just say, it’s time to change your skincare routine because it’s going to be SO worth it!


1. Oil cleansing


When it comes to cleansers, opt for an oil-based one. According to Victoria Tsai, the founder of skincare line Tatcha, cleansing oils work very well because oil dissolves oil; whether it’s makeup, sunscreen or sebum, they literally melt away upon contact. Just be sure to pick one without mineral oil to avoid leaving residue on your skin – or else, hello breakouts!

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