5 Things I Learnt from Joining a (Petite) Beauty Pageant

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From walking in sky-high stilettos to being flexible (not literally), it was an eye-opener!


Photo: Foong Chee/Facepics Studio

Being petite has its perks (though not always in the dressing room). I mean, they don’t call us ‘fun-sized’ for nothing. 1) We’ve no problem weaving through a crowd; 2) we’ll look perpetually younger (and still cute) in years to come; 3) leg room in a car or plane will never be a problem, and 4) we’ve a lower centre of gravity, so technically that makes us more stable and balanced. Am I right?


Photo: VdreamZ Photography

And if you think competing in a beauty pageant is a ‘tall’ order (no pun intended), think again. Enter Miss Malaysia Petite Universal, a beauty pageant specially organised by iTiara Production for women who are 167.5cm and below. After the franchise’s short hiatus, this petite pageant made a comeback early this year.


Being petite myself, I decided to give it a shot after a couple of friends convinced me to (apart from shamelessly wanting to fulfil that dream as a little girl!). Sure, I enjoyed watching Miss Universe and Miss World on the screen as a kid, but this time, I wasn’t completely certain what I was getting myself into. Fast-forward a few months and I’m glad I took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I gained invaluable experience, met an awesome bunch of ladies including Irene Tan, our mentor and former holder of the Miss Petite World 2012/2013 international title, nabbed the 4th runner-up title and picked up several life lessons along the way.


#1: Get to Know Yourself

The moment you walk into the audition room, you’d better come prepared. And not just with a few clicks of Googling question-and-answer samples and a triple check in the mirror before you step out of the house. Take the time to reflect on yourself – who you are, what you believe in, your goals and values. That way, you’ll be able to answer genuinely from the heart.


Photo: Foong Chee/Facepics Studio

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