5 Skincare Products I Gave A Second Chance And Went From Hating To Loving Them

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For someone who doesn’t have the best genetics for clear skin, I’ve tried countless skincare products in search of a miracle cure to my breakouts and acne scars. With so many different formulas and new stellar ingredients claiming to be the “holy grail your skin needs”, it’s easy to get attracted to those creams, serums, cleansers and beauty elixirs in the market.

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I agree with the saying that everybody’s skin functions differently because those products your friends swear by to heal their acne issues might cause you to breakout even more. However, skincare experts have always pointed out the importance of giving new products a three-month trial period instead of tossing them away after a week. After all, they’re not an overnight magic cure to your skin concerns.

Here are five skincare products I decided to give a second chance, which proved to be hidden gems after all:

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