5 Reasons You Should Start Using Hair Oils NOW

Meet your hair’s new BFF.

hair oil benefits

Is your hair still lacking shine, or perhaps the frizz seems nowhere near tamed? Well, as much as using a shampoo and conditioner combo for damaged hair helps, it simply isn’t enough. Add hair oil to your hair care regime, and you might just see the results that you’ve always been dreaming of!


1. Volumises thin and fine hair

Yes, hair oil can be used on fine and thin hair! The trick is to use it sparingly; firstly, pick a hair oil that multitasks as a body oil. Spray just once onto palms and apply on your body parts that are dry such as elbows, knees, etc. Use what’s left by wringing fingers through dry hair starting from the roots down to the hair shaft.

TIP: Feeling like you’re losing a little more hair than usual? Try jojoba oil! Not only does it reduce hair fall, but it can also improve hair shine thanks to its conditioning benefits.


2. Works as a heat protectant

When a hairdryer or tong is used, the hair fibre chips and ultimately breaks after prolonged usage. Oil helps to coat your hair, forming a protective layer and preventing direct contact between the heat and hair shaft. Pick one that’s as natural as possible with little or no alcohol such as natural grape seed or olive oil.

TIP: You can also try almond oil as it’s a well-known sealant and hair protector that enriches the hair shaft with vitamins E, A and B12.


3. Calms frizzy hair

Use hair oil as a pre-wash treatment every other day if your hair is really dry, or once a week for maintenance. Oil is hydrophobic, which means it repels water, preventing the penetration of water into hair strands which otherwise would cause the hair shaft to become prone to damage and breakage. It is also able to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft during the wash, thus preventing frizz in humid conditions.

TIP: Apply oil on damp hair as hair cuticles would be slightly open, allowing the oil to absorb better and more evenly. Pay special attention to the ends, and then blow-dry to a glossy mane. — Kenny Lai, Redken Training Manager


4. Improves scalp condition

Certain oils such as argan and coconut oils have been used widely in the treatment of scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis and head lice. Studies have shown the efficacy of these oils to the scalp, thanks to their naturally high nutrient and Vitamin E content. However, do consult your dermatologist before using anything on your skin condition.

TIP: Try virgin coconut oil. Its soothing properties can boost hair and scalp health while also repairing damaged locks!


5. Restore damaged hair

Schedule a weekly one-hour sesh for deep-conditioning treatments that will help replenish and rehydrate dry locks. For brittle and damaged hair, leave overnight after covering with a shower cap. If you have a really oily scalp, avoid applying on the scalp and keep it on the hair shaft.

TIP: Hair oil can also indirectly stimulate hair growth! While giving yourself the pre-wash treatment, pamper yourself with a head massage. It increases blood circulation, promoting healthy hair growth, and lets the nutrients from the oil penetrate the scalp to nourish hair with vitamins.


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