5 Reasons Why You Need Eight Hours Of Sleep Every Night

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As an adult, we can all relate how foolish we were to take nap time for granted when we were younger. As we grow up and bear more responsibilities in life, nobody needs to tell us twice to have a lie in. But the truth is, many of us still aren’t getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night.

Getting a good night sleep has been proven to lower stress levels, reduce inflammation and help us maintain a healthy mind and body. We’ve all complained about the lack of sleep we suffer every day, but yet the thought of putting our own wellbeing first rarely tempts us to turn off Netflix and tuck ourselves in bed early.

If you’ve been guilty of sacrificing your sleep for a Netflix marathon or long scrolling session on social media, perhaps learning about how sleep affects your skin will make you call it a night early next time. Here’s a “behind the scenes” of what happens to your skin during an eight-hour sleep session.

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