5 Products You’ll Want To Try From Natura, The Latest Feel-Good Eco-Friendly Beauty Brand In Malaysia

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If you haven’t heard of Natura, don’t feel bad. Although the brand is now in its 50th year, Natura has only just begun its journey to Asia– and Malaysia is its first stop!

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Natura is a global personal care cosmetics group that prides itself on its cruelty-free products and advanced formulations featuring sustainably- and ethically-harvested ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. Placing emphasis on dismantling unhealthy beauty ideals and exploitative industries, Natura’s range of skincare, bodycare, haircare and fragrance products aim to make you feel good inside and out!

Did you know? Natura’s efforts to source from and work with communities in the Amazon forest has resulted in the preservation of 18,000 square-kilometres of the forest since 2000. That’s 74 Kuala Lumpur cities!

And they walk the talk too: Natura’s parent company Natura & Co, which also includes The Body Shop and Aesop, was the first publicly traded company globally to receive B-Corp certification in December 2014 for its transparent and sustainable social, environmental and economic performance.

I went to visit the brand’s first pop-up store in Sunway Pyramid and I’ve already identified a few products that you’ll want to check out.

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