5 Products That’ll Give You Spa-Like Results From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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1. Lush ‘A French Kiss’ Bubble Bar

Lush ‘A French Kiss’ Bubble Bar, RM45

It’s impossible to talk about spa-like experiences without mentioning Lush! A soak in the bathtub is always a good self-care technique to practice and there’s nothing better than when there is a therapeutic scent to  complete the entire experience. Unlike normal bath bombs, this bubble bath crumbles under running water and lathers into a paradisiacal bath full of lavender and rosemary scents. The extra virgin coconut oil packed in the product helps softens the skin and keeps it healthy after a long week of work. What I always do whenever I’m using this bubble bar is to turn on some instrumental music in the background and pour myself a glass of wine while I soak in it.

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