5 Must-Have Lip Balms To Melt The Dryness Away

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If there’s one beauty essential everybody should possess, it would certainly have to be lip balms.

It’s an irresistible reaction to lick your lips whenever they feel dry, but doing so is the main culprit of chapped lips as the digestive enzymes in your saliva can irritate the lips. Not to mention the temporary moisture from licking your lips will only cause evaporation that further strip moisture away from the lips and causes more dryness.

Photo: Laneige

As much as we adore pigmented and long-wear lip colours, having a lip balm ready in hand is so important to nourish and hydrate our lips. After all, what’s good with applying lipsticks if you have chapped lips?

Say goodbye to dry and flaky lips with these five lip balms that boost hydration for a supple and glowing pout!

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