5 Mascaras That Will Give You Dreamy Long Lashes With Ease

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Finding the perfect mascara for your eyelashes is just as tough as searching for the perfect shade of foundation that’s exactly your skin tone. It might not be as lengthening as you hoped or constantly smudges after a couple of hours. Although it requires a lot of trial and error to seek out the ideal tube of mascara, the hassle will certainly be worth it.

Photo: Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

Before you start trying out all the mascaras available in the market, it’s best to decide what results you’re aiming for – lengthen, thicken, curls or smudge-proof. And of course, it’s not necessary to stick to a product as a whole. If you prefer a formula from a brand and the spoolie brush from the other, pair them together for the ultimate result!

Ready to flutter those dramatic eyelashes? Here are our picks of some of the best mascaras we’ve come across!

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