5 Makeup Trends That Are Set To Dominate In 2020

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As the decade comes to an end, it’s only inevitable to reflect on all the past beauty trends and take a closer look at how the looks changed over time. From 2010 to 2019, there were countless makeup techniques introduced, evolved looks and unexpected trends. Whether it’s the all-time popular natural glass skin look, flawless baking trick or neon eye shadow colours, they certainly made a big impact on how we wear makeup today.

Since the past decade encompasses a varied collection of makeup techniques and look, what will 2020 have in store? While predicting the upcoming trend is not as easy as asking a crystal ball, we’ve been spotting a couple of makeup looks that are hitting the top spots on Instagram.

1. Floating eyeliner


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Struggle to draw a thin line of eyeliner close to your lashes? Toss that worry aside because floating eyeliner is kicking in as a favourite makeup look. Drawn above the lash line on the crease, this beauty technique is so easy to follow and allows you to play with different kind of colours to set the vibe.

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