5 Lip Stains That Won’t Budge Unless You Use A Makeup Remover

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This post was updated on 6 March 2020 to include more products. 

Imagine yourself gliding your favourite lipstick over your lips to complete your whole makeup look. Now, think about how your lips will look and feel after several hours outdoors – chapped, sticky and it’ll probably look half-coloured from all the lip-licking.

As much as I love my collection of lipsticks, I realize I’ve been reaching out for them lesser and lesser. The thought of having to deal with a yucky white line on the inner rim of my lips, peeling lip skin and fading lip colour is truly frustrating, and every tips and tricks I’ve come across never worked. Then a day came when I was gifted a lip stain, and it changed my life.


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Just like what the name implies, lip stains stain the lips like how turmeric stains your fingers – they leave a pigment on your lips that lasts all day. Best of all, they’re so lightweight (just like water seeping into your lips) and feel like nothing on your lips. As I prefer to blot away excess product by pressing my lips together with a piece of tissue in between, what’s left of the pigment on my lips is usually lighter than the colour of the formula. This trick is what I always rely on to make the colour blend into the natural colour of my lips, and the end result of a plump and juicy pout never fails to amaze me.

Since then, I’ve always been on the lookout for lip stains that offer the best of both hydration and pigmentation. Behold, these are the five lip stains that I always rotate on a regular basis.

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