5 Easy Makeup Looks To Try This Bright Chinese New Year

The new year is all about trying out new looks and Laneige is here to show you how you can change it up this Lunar season!

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for family reunions, gatherings with friends and house visits. During this period, looking on-point is a must! Luckily, Laneige has created 5 makeup looks to try using the 2020 Bright New Year Limited-edition Collection. See how Actress and Model Eleena Sui shows off these stunning looks!

Watch Eleena Sui transform with different LANEIGE looks!

Watch Eleena Sui transform with different LANEIGE looks! Tell us what’s your favourite look in this series below!

Posted by LANEIGE Malaysia on Isnin, 6 Januari 2020

Red Chic

You can’t go wrong with a bold and sexy red lip whether you’re opting for a fashionably elegant or fearless girl-boss vibe.


Layering Cover Cushion, RM145

Step 1: With a semi-matte natural base, apply a translucent peach colour to your cheeks.
Step 2: Use a nude peach tone for your eyelids and line them to create a subtle cat-eye.
Step 3: Then, use the long-lasting Tattoo Lip Tint in No.6 and paint your lips evenly. Use the tip of the applicator to outline your Cupid’s bow to define your lip shape.

Glassy Glow

Have you ever wondered how Korean women achieve clear, glowing skin under their makeup? In addition to their daily skincare routine, they also make sure to apply a base that brightens the skin for a healthy, radiant and natural makeup look that lasts all day.


Perfect Renew Regenerator Limited Edition, RM235

Focus Active Ampoule Essence - Brighten, RM165

Cheek Glow #2 Peach Coral, RM105

LANEIGE Cocktail Mix, a special formula for bright skin
What you need:
1-2 drops of the Perfect Renew Regenerator, 3-4 drops of the Skin Veil Cover Foundation and half a drop of the Focus Active Ampoule Essence.
How to: After mixing the products together, use a foundation brush and apply from the centre to the edge of your face. Also apply to your neck and décolletage for a luminous appearance!

Lovely Blossom

If you’re using the right shade of pink on your cheeks and eyelids, achieving a sweet girlie look is not a problem. Be sure to complement it with the BB Cushion Whitening as its moisturising and lightweight formula helps to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow.


BB Cushion Limited Edition, RM165

Lash Lift Volume Mascara, RM110

Cheek Glow #1 Rose Pink, RM105

Layering Lip Bar #5 Witty Coral, RM115

Step 1: For that sweet, feminine and fun look, sweep a soft coral pink eye shadow over your eyelids. This helps to brighten your eyes and complexion at the same time!
Step 2: Next, take the Cheek Glow in No.1 and gently press the cushion against the apple of your cheeks.
Step 3: To complete this monochromatic pink look, use a coral pink lipstick like the Layering Lip Bar No.5. Top it off with a layer of clear lip gloss with added protection and hydration.

Mute Rose

To get this demure look you’ll need soft pink eyes, earthy rosy lips, a dash of pink over your cheeks and a natural semi-matte base. Then, intensify your lashes with mascara to enhance your eyes.


Lash Lift Volume Mascara, RM110

Ideal Shadow Quad #11 Autumn Mute, RM125

Layering Lip Bar in No.15

Step 1: Swipe a soft pink shade over your eyelids before coating your curled lashes with a volumising mascara.
Step 2: Use the Layering Lip Bar Lipstick in No.15 to create the illusion of thicker lips with the darker shade on the outer parts of your lips and the lighter hue on the inside.

Edgy Ombre

This sweet yet edgy makeup look focuses on three-dimensional creations by sculpting and highlighting the right parts of the face while adding glamour and feminine elegance with shimmery smoky eyes and gradient lips in deep red.


Layering Lip Bar #20 Soul Red, RM115

Limited Edition BB Cushion, RM165

Step 1: Start by applying a soft gold eye shadow from your eye socket to your brow bone. Then, sweep a dark brown shade on the folds of your lids. Over your lash line, apply a dark grey eye shadow and gently smudge it upwards to create a subtle smoky effect.
Step 2: To create the sultry ombre lips, use Layering Lip Bar Lipstick in No. 20 and apply the darker tones at the centre of your lips. Then, use the lighter shade to outline your lip shape to create a lustrous gradient look.

Videography: Kahmun & Thirtygrid Production
Photography: Robin Yong
Styling & Directing: Sarah Saw
Makeup: Cat Yong
Hair: Juno Ko

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