5 Cleansing Balms That’ll Melt The Makeup Away

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From their wonderfully deep cleansing ability to super hydrating properties, there’s nothing not to love about cleansing balms.

One of the most terrifying skincare problems every woman tries to avoid is dehydrated skin, especially when changes in the season, environment or even stress level can easily wreak havoc on the skin. This is why it’s possible for your regular makeup remover or cleanser to not deliver satisfactory results after some time.


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Enter: cleansing balm. Made from a blend of oils and natural formulas, this innovative beauty product is an excellent way to remove all those heavy layers of makeup gently without damaging or stressing the skin. The super luxurious and nourishing formula of cleansing balms makes it perfect for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin, and they provide a similar effect to cleansing oils sans slippery mess so you can cleanse with ease.

Just like oils, cleansing balms need to be massaged into the skin gently with your fingertips for a minute or two to break down their oils so that the formula can grab all the makeup and impurities. Once done, they can be removed easily with a washcloth or just a bit of water, depending on the formula.

Interested to give cleansing balms a try? Here are five products that need to be on your radar.

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