5 Body Mists To Keep You Smelling Fresh Throughout The Day

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There are many times when we would visit our favourite restaurants or hawker centres for food, only to be bombarded with cooking odour from the open kitchen. Japanese teppanyaki, Chinese hot pot, street food bazaars… The list of eateries that will stain your clothes, skin and hair are endless. This is why it’s always handy to be prepared wherever you go.

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While some women always have a mini perfume atomiser stored in their handbag, eau de toilettes or eau de parfums aren’t the best choices in this situation. This is because their scent composition is more intense and the mixture of food odour and the overpowering fragrance can result in a rather unpleasant scent. Not to mention, EDTs and EDPs contain high levels of alcohol which aren’t suitable for your clothes and hair.

Behold, here are five body mists you can trust to refresh your scent throughout the day, especially when you can’t hit the shower immediately.

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